Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not again

Farking bad lucks surround me recently.
After my beloved car is serviced and being prepared to drive it out to work,
here comes another incident which happen right infront my house.
See what happened.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day to work

First day to work, FUCKING unlucky.
Yay, caught in the middle of traffic sardines for 1 hour n at last car broke down due to high water temperature coz of fan failure.

Enjoy these pics~

See those muthafucker cars in the traffic!!!

Yay,thx to the tow truck~ @#*&%$#@*

Welcome on board.

Thx for side parking my car so nicely.

At last.....



Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bros Night


Haih bro...take it or leave it.
Love is a fucking complicated thing.
We want it to be a 2 way thingy.
Efforts are thrown, but then get nth..
The most worst fucking thing is they take it for granted.
Take this as a last chance.
If she is willing to take a step backwards for you, then take it, continue with it.
If things still goes fucking stubborn n selfish, just end it.
Selfishness can't ever be tolerated in a relationship.
Things work out in 2 ways, not in single way.
Even if you can rescue it today, tmr will be the same.
Fucking shits will keep on repeat until she gets matured.
Yeah, don't be childish, we just want it to last.
Don't just fuckin implement your childishness n selfishness in the relationship.
It'll just burst out.
Girls, be mature.
You are goin to blow it like this and just regret in the future.
It means nth.
So, if you continue to be immature, just fark off and leave us alone.
We won't die without you.
It is just that we care.

Friends are forever, girls are as long as you are together.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Drink drank drunk, drink drank drunk, drink drank drunk.
So sorry to say that I've not drunk b4.
My life, I'm so fucking fed up of it.
I dun giv a fucking damn.
I'll change it.
I'll change my life.
Fuck off shits.
I'll change myself to accept those which I don't accept.
I'll show a total different of me.
Things are there, it just depends on whether you wanna grab it.
Changes are there, it just depends on whether you wanna change it.
When the situation forces you to, you have no other choices but to go for it.
Change change change, if I can, I rather not.
Fark...I'm a physco.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gud Morning

Good morning, say hello to the sun rise.

Can't Sleep

Abnormal life strucks again.
I am still damn awake at this time, full of energy, can't sleep.
Wtf is wrong with me?
Damn hungry..anyone available now for breakfast with me? I need to be that pathetic, using liquor to make me fall sleep?
What will appear in your mind when you are lying on your bed, when you can't fall asleep?
Who will you think of, when you are so damn lonely at home, with nth to do?